Your business needs a website for these reasons

It goes without saying that a website is a key asset for every brand in the modern era. Think of any brand and more often than not they’ll have a website populated with useful information about the company, their culture, news, and products and services. In fact, as a Clutch survey stated, “[only] 29% of small businesses don’t have a website” (Amelia Peacock. Small Business Websites in 2017). But let’s not dig too far into stats right now. Let’s take a closer look at what a website can offer and why your brand needs one.

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What’s in it for me?

A website can be one of the most valuable assets a brand has. They offer storefronts for those who can’t afford a brick and mortar location, landing pages for digital ads and Google searches, information about your company that builds trust, and – most importantly – it’s a place on the web that is 100% tailored for your brand.

A website can also be the home of all the processes for your business. Order processing, client appointments, customer communications and so much more can be programmed into your site, ultimately saving your team valuable time. Even better is the fact that most website providers have these functions built into their templates so there’s little to no coding required.

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How does it relate to my industry?

As mentioned, every business benefits from having a website that supports what they do. A retail shoe store can sell products and offer up-to-date inventory skews, specialized services such as photographers can showcase their work, and business-to-business brands can highlight their work and services to build trust. Even freelance workers can highlight their skills and previous works.


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How much should I invest?

Websites are accessible to almost anyone. Sites such as WordPress and Wix offer free blogging pages that are limited in what they offer, but nevertheless get your brand’s identity out there. Realistically for a single entity business, a basic website can be around $50 annually getting started with a basic setup and as little as $4 a month to maintain. Pages with access to more web development tools and metrics can require a $250+ annual investment.

Other sites, such as a Shopify that offer webstore support require as little as $29 per/month subscriptions (or $312 annually) to maintain a page. Services such as Shopify are easy to get started with thanks to their integrated payment processing, inventory management protocols, and shipping discounts.

A full-fledged business page on WordPress that offers Google Analytics¹, SEO² tools, and advanced customization tools is a $25 monthly investment. These tools are great for honing in on who is searching for your business, from where they’re searching, what they’re looking at, and how you can better target them for future connections.

(1) Google Analytics is a tracking system that offers loads of viewer metrics and information. This data can be used to shape your marketing strategies.

(2) Search Engine Optimization can enhance your page to appear higher in Google searches


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It’s go time!

Now that you know the basics of why your business needs a website. Check out our article walking you through the process of building your first website, here.