Analytics || What am I looking at?

Pull up the stat/analytic/data tabs within any of your digital platforms and your screen will be covered in KPIs, Bounce Rates, Open Rates, Sessions, and Funnels – the list goes on for what seems like ever. Today, we’re breaking down what some popular terms mean.


Defining Data

photo c. Pisit Heng on Unsplash

Many platforms will share some of the same terms and definitions as others. Here we’ll be taking a look at what data points a few of the popular platforms offer out of the box.

Basic Terms

These are terms that are commonly used to discuss a promotion’s performance. They’re often found on platforms that sell advertising space such as Google, Facebook, and Linkedin Ads, but they may appear in other areas of marketing as well.

Defining Data Terms - Basics

Google Analytics

These are all of the terms and phrases used on the Google Analytics platform. Many of these terms are used in other areas of marketing so be sure to become familiar with their meaning and use.

Defining Data Terms - Google Analytics

Email Campaign Platforms

The following terms are pulled from MailChimp but can be found on other email marketing providers.

Defining Data Terms - Email Marketing

Hopefully, these lists simplified the meaning behind some of the more popular terms and phrases used in digital marketing. We’ll be doing a deeper dive on the various platforms that use these terms, and we’ll also jump into the process of creating promotions on the mentioned platforms.

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