What you miss out on when auto-posting to social media

We were just as bad as the next page when it comes to auto-posting articles to our social accounts. Starting with this article we will ONLY upload our articles manually, and here’s why you should too…

The issue at hand

be discoverable on social media

photo c. Ivars Krutainis on Unsplash

We just wrote an article and clicked the publish button. Automatically, our site provider grabs the title image, snips the first few lines of text, and sends it to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Linkedin to appeal to the masses. Unfortunately, this method of sharing your work on platforms will likely be seen by your followers and your followers alone. It’s also a boring way to interact with your audience. These auto-generated posts aren’t designed around the platform they’re posted to. Social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin are places where users expect microdoses of highly potent information to decide what to click on. However, the snippets pulled from our post is merely the introduction and doesn’t offer the reader the information they need to decide whether it’s worthy of their click.

Reflecting care \\ effort \\ expertise

Auto posting content to social media

photo c. Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

By taking the time to develop great social content for our articles and posts, we show our audience that we care about the work that we do and that they should too. Think of it like this: a piece of cake with plain vanilla icing served on a paper plate looks ok, but it’s even better when we put in the effort to decorate it and serve it on a platter. For posts, this means we write copy that highlights key points from the content that entice viewers to click. We also tag any relevant people or brands and add a couple related hashtags to make the post easily discoverable. By doing these 3 basic things, our posts will be more personable to our audience and thus more likely to be clicked on.

What’s the worst that could happen? See what the extra effort can do on your next social post!

Like these tips? We’re always here to help, just say hi.

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