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Data Platforms: Using CRMs, Analytics, and Email systems

There are numerous platforms that offer data visualization and management solutions. Each has its own benefits when it comes to the role it plays in the business process. So let’s discuss the different types of data management solutions, what to expect from each, and some of the best practices for managing each.

Analytics || What am I looking at?

Marketing Terms Definition

Pull up the stat/analytic/data tabs within any of your digital platforms and your screen will be covered in KPIs, Bounce Rates, Open Rates, Sessions, and Funnels – the list goes on for what seems like ever. Today, we’re breaking down what some popular terms mean.

What analytics can do for your business

It’s no question that data plays a vital role in today’s business landscape. There are plenty of multi-billion dollar companies that focus on collecting and selling data to gain key insights on consumers. These are the Googles, Facebooks, and Dunnhumbys of the world. Naturally, there are even more businesses interested in acquiring customer data to

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